Why the Blanket Sets?

Having to say goodbye just a few hours after the twin’s birth was extremely difficult.  When the nurse asked what I wanted Arie & Hadilyn to wear for their burial, my heart sank.  They had only worn one outfit and had only been wrapped in one blanket each and I wanted to keep those items with me forever.  Families shouldn’t have to deal with this decision.  What if we could give each mom a set of two matching blankets.  The twins weighing just one pound each were too small for a full size receiving blanket; so the set of blankets could include two different sizes.  One smaller size that would swaddle a preemie baby perfectly, and the other a full size receiving blanket for moms that make it full term.   Each family has a choice of which size to wrap their baby in and then they could keep the extra matching blanket for themselves as a memento.

Do you know how to sew?  We are always in need of more blanket sets, below are the instructions on how to make the blankets.  If you would like to donate some blanket sets please email shayla@owlloveyouforever.org.